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Anshan Iron and Steel Co., LTD. : Led by innovation and empowered by science and technology, becoming a national team of scientific and technological self-reliance

Hold up the “great power” highlight “iron and steel eldest son” core strength

Science and technology is a powerful tool of the country. The country depends on it to be strong, the enterprise depends on it to win, and the people’s life depends on it. Enterprises are the main body of innovation, and state-owned enterprises, especially central enterprises, are the national team of scientific and technological innovation. Bearing in mind “the greatest of the nation”, obeying the national strategy and serving the people, AngANG Group takes “making better materials and creating better life” as its own responsibility, pushes forward scientific and technological innovation with perseverance, and persistently pushes forward the transformation from “Angang manufacturing” to “Angang creating”.


We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of digital transformation and high-quality development

Today’s world is being redefined by numbers. Only by accelerating the “digital butterfly change”, promoting industry digitization and digital industrialization, and exploring the value of data, can AngANG Group grasp the wave of information-based industrialization, realize the transformation of quality, efficiency and power, and win the future.

In the intelligent manufacturing office of Angang Steelmaking General Plant, technicians are discussing the new topic of the construction and development of blockchain feature data pool based on robot cluster in full flow. These technicians, unfamiliar with the term “smart manufacturing” just a few years ago, are now experts in robotic applications, rule modeling, experience digitization, data empowerment and visual AIDS in steelmaking.


This year, China Association for Science and Technology announced the national young talent program, the seventh China Association for Science and Technology young talent lifting project list, Zhang Jun of Anshan Group vanadium titanium (iron and steel) Research institute was successfully selected. Upon receiving the news of his election, he said excitedly, “I will strive hard, continue to innovate, and contribute to the power of science and technology.”

To gain the first opportunity and initiative in development, we must rely on the power of science and technology, and the most important thing is to greatly enhance our capacity for independent innovation. Scientific and technological innovation makes the development of Anshan Iron and Steel Group more robust.

A thousand sails race, brave into the victory. Facing the future, ANsteel Group will strive to build the “source” of original technology with the heroic spirit of “dare to be the first in the world”, improve the efficiency of R&D system, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, enhance the competitiveness of core technologies, and act as the “backbone of iron and steel” of “great power”. To speed up the construction of high quality development of new ANSTEEL and help our country to achieve high level of science and technology self-reliance to contribute “ANsteel wisdom” and “ANSTEEL power”.

Post time: Oct-12-2022