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Cisa plans to set up an iron ore Working Committee and launch the “International Dissemination Project of classic inheritance of metallurgical textbooks and reference books”.

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Our correspondent Luo Zhonghe reports

On July 28, China Iron and Steel Association held a meeting of executive directors, deliberated and approved the proposal on the establishment of the iron ore working committee.

Working committee for the iron ore, steel association, implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council is a major policy decisions, make good use of the association of professional committee of unique advantages, in accordance with requirements of the market, under the rule of law, effective power as a whole the domestic steel enterprises, strengthen the research on major problems related to iron ore, promote the development of high quality iron and steel industry and major initiatives. It is understood that the committee will be a branch of CISA, which is a professional organization with independent management and industry self-discipline in iron ore related work. The committee is composed of large and important iron and steel enterprises and China National Mineral Resources Group Co., LTD. Additional members will be added depending on the progress of the work and the needs.

It is reported that the scope of work of the existing raw materials working committee will be adjusted appropriately, and will continue to play the function of the professional committee and carry out relevant work around the coking coal, carbon, scrap steel, ferroalloy and other raw fuels in addition to iron ore, and the composition of its institutions and members will remain unchanged.

In addition, the executive council meeting of the Steel Association also deliberated and approved a motion on the launch of the “international dissemination project of classic heritage of metallurgical textbooks and reference books”. It is reported, according to the present metallurgical classical textbooks and reference books update not in time, personnel training and technological progress of industry, the China iron and steel association will jointly initiated Chinese society for metals metallurgy professional textbooks and reference books classical heritage international communication project “, a system of revision, the new professional textbooks and reference books, to summarize, refine, spread the latest scientific and technological achievements, To fulfill the historical task of inheriting industry knowledge, support the high-quality development of China’s iron and steel industry, and make due contribution to the development of the world’s iron and steel industry. Metallurgical industry press as the unit undertaking the specific work, will organize related colleges and universities, iron and steel enterprises, scientific research units to participate, actively strive for the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, China Association for Science and Technology, the state press and publication administration support, in 5 years time, partial time to complete the revised editions of textbooks and reference books and new and part of the textbook and reference book of translation and publishing work, Simultaneously carry out the construction of resources digitization, build supporting metallurgy and metal materials professional database and knowledge base.

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Post time: Aug-02-2022