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Fan Tiejun: A new journey of low-carbon steel and a new era of beautiful China


On August 5, 22, President of Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute Fan Tiejun was invited to attend the 2022 Chinese Entrepreneurs Jinggangshan Forum, and delivered the keynote speech “Steel low-carbon New Journey, Beautiful China New Era” at the “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral” innovation and development Summit dialogue.

The forum, with the theme of “Recovery and Growth Confidence and momentum”, was sponsored by Xinhua National Brand Project Office, Xinhuanet and Ji ‘an Municipal People’s Government, co-sponsored by China Enterprise Reform and Development Society, and undertaken by Xinhuanet and Jinggangshan Municipal People’s Government.


How is steel made?

The iron and steel production process mainly consists of blast furnace – converter long process and electric furnace short process.

Based on the complex production process and a wide range of product application fields, the iron and steel industry chain has formed a structure dominated by upstream raw fuel supply, midstream production and manufacturing, and downstream application fields. It has the characteristics of long industrial chain, wide range of association, and strong mobility.

Why is steel important?

China’s iron and steel industry has always been the mainstay of the country’s economic construction. Throughout the course of China’s iron and steel development, it has borne the profound concern and ardent expectations of Party and state leaders in different periods. In the 26 years from the founding of the People’s Republic of China to the reform and opening up, the average annual growth rate of crude steel output reached 12.9%. Since 2000, the average annual growth rate of domestic manufacturing value added and crude steel output has been 7.9% and 5.1%, respectively.

China’s iron and steel industry has cast the “backbone of iron and steel” to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, which not only provides the basic structural materials for ensuring the major people’s livelihood projects, but also provides important functional materials for casting the “great power heavy instrument”. Moreover, steel is the most green and low-carbon competitive basic materials, with good environmental coordination, and can be used indefinitely.

What about Chinese steel now?

As one of the country’s most globally competitive industries, China’s iron and steel industry has realized four “leads” :

First, scale leads. It has lasted 26 years for Chinese steel to be the number one in the world. It is the production and consumption center of world steel industry.

Second, equipment leads. China’s iron and steel technology equipment increasingly large, high effect, automation, continuous, compact, longevity, has the world’s leading level.

Third, green leadership. China’s iron and steel implements the world’s most stringent environmental emission standards, and is leading the world’s largest ultra-low emission transformation green revolution.

Fourth, science and technology lead. China’s iron and steel has provided abundant application scene for intelligent manufacturing.

What about the future of Chinese steel?

Peaking carbon and carbon neutralization has become a broad consensus around the world. The “30·60″ dual carbon target proposed by our country fully embodies the determination and confidence of our country’s low-carbon development, demonstrates the sense of responsibility as a major country, and has been widely recognized and highly acclaimed by the international community. Iron and steel industry as the key area of implementing carbon emission reduction, low carbon transformation is imperative.

From the development stage analysis, China’s iron and steel industry is in the historical stage of accelerating restructuring, strengthening environmental protection and low carbon development, and the evolution of high quality and low carbon stage has started a new journey of low carbon.

From the carbon peaking carbon neutralization stage analysis, our country’s iron and steel industry will experience four stages of peaking, carbon reduction, decarbonization and neutralization. Among them, reaching peak is the development problem, the core of Chinese iron and steel industry reaching peak is to solve the structural adjustment problem in the development; Carbon reduction is a technology application problem, applying existing technologies to reduce energy and resource consumption; Decarbonization is a technological revolution issue, which should promote the research and development, demonstration and application of breakthrough, cutting-edge and innovative low-carbon technologies. Carbon neutrality in the iron and steel industry is a complex, long-term and systematic project, which is a new change in the development mode and needs to be promoted in many fields.

“A wise man changes with time, and a wise man rules with events.” The era of low-carbon development has arrived in an all-round way and is unstoppable. It is imperative to accelerate green and low-carbon development in all industries and fields. During the historic convergence of the “two Centenary Goals”, we, the Iron and Steel team, are ready to join hands with all of you to strive for carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and contribute to a low-carbon China, a beautiful China and the home of the Earth. reports

Post time: Aug-08-2022