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Realizing the Dream of “zero-carbon Steel” — On the In-depth Study and implementation of the Party’s Twenty Great Spirits

“We will actively yet prudently promote carbon neutrality in peaking carbon”, “build first and break later, and carry out the action of peaking carbon step by step in a planned way”… Standing on the height of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, the report of the Party’s twenty National Congress has made a new strategic deployment around the work of “double carbon”.

In 2021, when it was first included in the Government Work Report, “We will do a solid job of peaking carbon neutrality and formulate an action plan for peaking carbon emissions before 2030″, and in 2022, when it was again included in the Government Work Report, we will “promote the work of peaking carbon neutrality in an orderly manner and implement the action plan for peaking carbon”. The current “active and prudent promotion”, “first establishment and then break” and “planned and step-by-step implementation”, the country’s work requirements on “dual carbon”, from shallow to deep, step by step. This also means that the waves in the blue sky battle, ZhengChen unwashed, iron and steel industry must once again took out the “stack” tiger, race “boldness and” see road, I will search up and down “action, explorations mission, charge before, and to speed up the green low carbon science and technology revolution, new journey in the comprehensive construction socialism modernization country, We will push the work of “dual carbon” to a new level.


To promote carbon emission reduction in the steel industry, the consensus of the whole industry chain needs to be gathered. Carbon reduction cannot be achieved by the steel industry alone. In fact, it is impossible for any industry in the industrial chain to succeed by “going it alone”. Cross-industry cooperation needs to be strengthened. Specifically, iron and steel industry and building materials industry can use metallurgical slag to produce building materials; The resource utilization of metallurgical gas can be carried out jointly with the chemical industry to achieve the large-scale preparation of hydrogen, methanol, ethylene glycol, etc. And so on. At the same time, we can promote the consumption of green steel and lead the green upgrading of downstream industries through the research and development, promotion and application of low-carbon high-performance steel. For example, the steel structure building vigorously developed by the current state is the “Hope project” bearing this glorious mission.

To be sure, our awareness of green and low-carbon development needs to be strengthened. Technologies such as hydrogen metallurgy, biomass metallurgy, molten reduction and CCUS need to be made breakthroughs. Our energy structure needs to be optimized. But don’t forget, we are the Chinese steel industry in the face of such life-and-death challenges as overcapacity reduction, relocation, ultra-low emission transformation and so on. We know full well that we will take actions to prove that the only way to cope with the changes in the world, withstand the major tests and meet the stormy seas is to work hard.

The trumpets are loud and the steps are clanging. The new journey has already started. China’s steel industry is moving towards the goal of realizing “double carbon” and realizing its dream of “zero carbon steel”. The future is bright and there is a long way to go!


Post time: Nov-08-2022