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Shan Steel Group: in the second half of the year, we will focus on “stabilizing production, ensuring supply, controlling costs, preventing risks, improving quality and stabilizing benefits”

Stable production to achieve production, improve quality and efficiency

Mountain steel group combines “crucial in the second quarter, runoff in the first half of the” special labor competition, focus on the main products of the production increase, the finished goods inventory control, establish the daily production scheduling system, dynamic supervise and guide the mountains steel shares, mining, shandong refractory material and other major steel production units system optimization of production organization, complete the limits of shandong iron and steel group co., LTD issued production goals. Affected by the rapid downward market in the second quarter, the level of profits in the steel industry declined rapidly. Shan Iron and Steel Group has actively responded to market fluctuations and explored potential to increase profits in an all-round way. In the environment where the profit level of the iron and steel industry has dropped nearly 60% year on year, the decline of Shan Iron and Steel Group is lower than the industry average, and its comparative advantage is becoming increasingly obvious.


Significant improvement was achieved in benchmarking

From January to June, the overall monitoring indicators of Shan Steel Group completed 44.1 progress indicators that exceeded the actual performance of the previous year, among which 29.1 reached the target of 2022. The longitudinal improvement rate of the overall monitoring indicators was 78.75%, 12.14 percentage points higher than last month and 15.71 percentage points higher than the first quarter. The horizontal compliance rate was 51.96%, 8.92 percentage points higher than last month and 12.50 percentage points higher than the first quarter. The profit per ton of steel and pig iron cost of the two bases of Shan Steel Exceeded the annual increase target, and the physical labor productivity of Rizhao base reached the target and continued to improve.

Policies favoring enterprises have been implemented
Shandong Iron and Steel Group has thoroughly implemented the high-quality development policy list of “Seeking progress while Maintaining stability” in 2022 issued by Shandong Provincial Party Committee and provincial government, and forwarded three batches of 17 policy lists, 264 items in total, including “cultivating and expanding effective demand”, “stabilizing economic operation” and “accelerating the transformation of old and new driving forces” to the ownership companies. We established a working mechanism for implementing policies on a regular basis, and actively tracked the implementation of various policies. Since the beginning of this year, we have received a total of 1.392 billion yuan in preferential policies. By the end of June, Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies had implemented rent reduction and exemption for 583 households in medium-high risk areas and other areas, amounting to 7.9803 million yuan, according to the special work deployment of “rent reduction and exemption” by Shandong Development and Reform Commission and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

Post time: Jul-25-2022